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Volunteers Needed


VOLUNTEER! The PTO needs your time and special talents throughout the year!

We are currently looking for several helpers, specifically one to manage our Facebook page and Facebook Parent Group, someone to keep our website up to date, and people to volunteer to help with School Events! Along with many other areas.

If interested, please contact us at


The PTO have a couple of events coming up in the next couple of weeks and we need your help in making sure everything goes smoothly.

Friday December 14th we will holding our Winter Drinks where serve hot chocolate and cookies to all of the students. We have a couple of large vats that we make the hot chocolate in, but it takes constant refilling and mixing to cycle through all the classes, as well as setting out the cookies for each class. Please let me know if you are available to help out that morning. We will be setting up from 9am on the 14th and the event probably lasts a couple of hours.

Friday December 21st (last day of school) the PTO hand out hot chocolate and candy cane bags to all of the students and teachers and wish them a Happy Holidays.

This was incredibly well received last year and a nice way to connect with families. As cute as these look, they do take some time to put together. We have bought all of the supplies and will start putting them together from Monday morning. The process goes a lot faster when we get a conveyor belt going! Please let us know if you have any time over the next couple of weeks to help put these bags together by contacting us at us at

Kind regards,